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Providing Quality Hand Made Skin Care Products

Providing Quality Hand Made Skin Care Products

Moisturize, nourish, protect and support your skin as it goes through its eternally blossoming process.


Moisturize, nourish, protect and support your skin as it goes through its eternally blossoming process.

About Us


Committed to using the Highest Quality ingredients

Your skin is the largest and fastest-growing organ of the human body.  It has many wondrous innate purposes (providing protection of our vital organs, absorbing nutrients and housing our unique divine spirit) and as such we should take care of it as the miracle it is.  Many skin products nowadays are filled with chemicals that not only don't actually help the skin but may cause drying, free radicals and premature aging.   For Aiyana Essential LLC, having a deep respect and passion for our skins divines purpose is our mission so we honor it by using only the finest ingredients.  This means using ingredients grown, harvested and handled with supreme regard for our planet while protecting the healing benefits of each healing oil.  This also means sourcing ingredients from their native geographical locations around the world so they grow in the most natural suited environment to achieve the maximum healing benefits.


Dedicated to providing customers the essentials to bring out the best in you

Aiyana means "internally blossoming" and it is my belief that we are forever unfolding and blossoming in the spiritual form as well as the physical form and it is Aiyana Essentials LLC mission to provide your skin with the highest quality of essentials to look and feel your best while going through this blossoming process.  Struggling to find good quality, affordable and truly all natural skin care products that actually helped my skin was the inspiration that drove Aiyana Essentials LLC to create this skin care line that I have been using exclusively since 2012.  After struggling with dry skin for years and despite my best efforts caring for myself and spending lots of money on expensive skin products, I was left with a cabinet full of bottles of empty promises.  Since creating and using these beautiful gifts from nature, it has been a joyous treat to watch the transformation of my skin to go from dry and crepey to  moisturized and plump and it would be my highest honor to have you experience the same with your skin.  That's why we stock a wide variety of products so you can find the best match to make you feel and look your best.  Treat yourself and your skin with love and compassion today.

                                            Happy Blossoming!


SUPPORT FAIR TRADE & Empowerment of Woman and Protecting Our Planet

We use high quality skin care ingredients that are grown around the world and are sourced from suppliers that support fair trade agreements which allow many remote villages to earn money to provide for their families.  We also are dedicated to reducing our Ecological Footprint on this planet by continually striving to reduce waste by recycling and reusing containers, minimizing oversized packaging that makes the consumer feel like they are getting more and minimize package shipment supplies.   We are also dedicated to using ingredients that are grown organically and harvested with the utmost care to produce ingredients carrying the highest therapeutic benefit.

        Remember to be kind to yourself, mankind and Mother Earth!


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